You know, M.R. James really was an inconsiderate fellow as far as writing for audioliterary production is concerned. His stories are all very well on the printed page, but what's a fellow supposed to do when he sets out to reading a story aloud only to find that it's set in the year 190_? Pronounce that, I dare you. Then, just as you think you've got back into the swing of things, you learn that the letter you've just read was written by a Mr. ______, and there's nothing you can do about it. Worst of all, this literally unspeakable coyness is all for naught in any case, because he goes and tells you the fellow's name a few pages later anyhow.

Shameful. Especially since James thought up these stories of his to tell aloud to his Chit Chat Club on Christmas Eve. No doubt the old don conveyed these little redactions with a meaningful glance and an expressive gesture, but of course those things don't translate well to the podcast medium. Consequently, I have had to improvise. Anyhow, in this episode I strive to overcome them with the help of two spoons and a candelabrum. If you've a better idea, you can read it for yourself here: Casting the Runes, by M.R. James.