Yes, yes, I'm dreadful. I've been neglecting the bloggery aspect of the One Last Story podcast - but in my defense, things have gotten a bit exciting over these past few weeks. Suffice it to say that this old dog has learned a new trick, and is now able to get up and down stairs more or less at will. The result has been an orgy of petty thievery in service of this little sanctuary that I'm building in the Lumber Room. I don't suppose A and J will mind awfully, if they even notice - it's not as if anything's leaving the house. This place is such a museum anyhow, I could probably net a respectable seven figures on eBay and vanish into the night before they missed anything.

I don't believe they read this blog, but just in case: I joke, I joke.

Anyhow, if you'd like to read the last few stories for yourself, here's where you can read The Rats in the Walls by H.P. LovecraftYou can find Poe's stories all over the place; here's a collection of  the big hits.

And do stay tuned for what I hope will be rather an exciting announcement. Exciting to me, at least - you're free to think what you like.