Yes, well.

Welcome to my shiny new blog. Isn't it nice?

While we're at it, welcome to my shiny new life. Isn't it dreadful? No, that's not fair, and it's certainly not helpful, but ... ah, well. Once upon a time, of course, my life used to be quite interesting. All the usual stuff - business of my own, name on the building, nice little condo with a view of the Park. Then life got a bit too interesting, and I chucked it all in to go take the top job back at my old alma mater.

Then life got more interesting still. And, well, here we are.

I'm lucky to be alive. Lucky, but not entirely grateful. My health is problematic to say the least, and rarely permits me to leave the house. I am not exactly unemployed - technically speaking, I am still the 51st Vice Chancellor of Aldergate University. That counts for little, however, and at present I am entirely dependent upon the kindness of strangers, a fact which irritates both me and them in approximately equal measure.

I am getting better. Not every day, and certainly not in every way, but better nonetheless. I am not yet well enough to work, but I have developed a truly magnificent capacity for boredom. In consequence, rather than lose what little mind remains to me, I have resolved to take up a hobby.

Welcome to my blog.



07/01/2016 12:36am

Lucky to be alive. Yes, sir, I do agree with you with this very grateful words. As a student, maybe I still have incomplete view and perspective about my entire life, but all I know is that I have this determination to make it better, make it successful to help myself, my family and others as well. God bless us!

02/14/2017 11:09pm

Our life is like riding a roller coaster. We're not always at the top. Sometimes, we go down, experience downfalls and failures. That's life. We must take it wherever life would bring us to. Let's charge it to experience. By the time we retire, we already achieved the most precious thing we only owned - MEMORIES.

09/04/2016 1:27am

Like your shiny blog sooo much! Thanks for such interesting posts!

01/21/2017 1:51am

It's cool that you finally started your own blog! We are so happy to know more about you and your life!

01/25/2017 8:47am

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