Behold! Mirabile dictu, I have done a thing!

It's terribly unfair that a dying man should be saddled with all the travails and irritants of a living man into the bargain, but no matter. I have conquered. The idea came to me quite suddenly, and I thought ... well, why not? I've got nothing but books and time, and I've been positively pining for some sort of project or other to sink my teeth into. Besides which, frankly, I'm bored. And lonely. I'd like to ... share something, give something. Do something. So I did this. And, if anybody likes it, I may do more. Let me know, won't you?

I'm calling it One Last Story. It may be, you know - they all are, until they're not. I've decided to start with my personal favorite: “The Outsider,” by Howard Phillips Lovecraft. May it bother you, as it has bothered me.

P.S. - I taught myself to play the candelabrum! You'd be amazed at what can be done with a little ingenuity and a pair of silver teaspoons!

Read it for yourself: The Outsider, by H.P. Lovecraft


08/12/2016 9:50am

I really like your story, it feels so surreal and very real-to-life. You really have a wide array of imagination to come up with such creative story. The story seems to be incorporated with some dark aspects in life. I also love the premise you shared about the dying man's struggles. I will surely listen to this after work, as it may seem like a very entertaining story.

08/13/2016 4:44pm

You are too kind! I can hardly claim any personal creativity; there all credit must go to good old HPL. However, the essence of art is its resonance with life - and while I might wish that my own life resonated with a slightly cheerier class of fiction, I find it comforting nevertheless.

I'm glad you enjoyed the 'cast, and do hope you'll come back for more; there are so many wonderful, terrible stories yet to tell.



I have heard a lot of storytellers use the deathbed concept. I never find any of it entertaining. When I stumbled upon your story, I was impressed with how you presented it. I really like its light feel even if the plot is a little dark and heavy. Thank you for sharing this to us. I loved every detail.

10/01/2016 1:11am

I hope you will do more! I've read that and I'm waiting for more and more from you!

02/14/2017 11:09am

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