How thin, how fragile the veil between madness and sanity. How poorly marked, how laxly guarded the border between the visionary and the dreamer. And let us never forget that the man who calls himself an emperor is no lunatic as long as the people bow to him.

My diary remains in the Kingwood. There it shall remain; I don't need any reminders just at present. Last night I dreamed of Aldergate. Today I am so very, very tired.

But! Never mind my troubles - great and terrible deeds are a-doing. "The Repairer of Reputations" is a story well before its time. It comes from a collection called "The King in Yellow," published by Robert W. Chambers in 1895, and has been immensely influential; the spreading tendrils of this story may be seen squirming their way through almost all of the weird fiction and cosmic horror of the past century. Old H.P. Lovecraft certainly enjoyed it, and for all he may have written slightingly of Chambers he wasn't shy about lifting some of his most beloved tropes from this and other of his stories.

Have you read "The King in Yellow?" I should hope not, for your sake. However, in the immortal words of Mark Twain: Now you've asked for it, and I'll give it to you, because there ain't anything mean about me - but if you find you don't like having your sanity ripped from you by an exquisite tide of horrifying truth, you won't have anyone to blame for it but your own self. The Repairer of Reputations, by Robert W. Chambers.


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